Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Crave Coffee, but Suffer When You Drink it?

Do You Have a Love / Hate Relationship with Coffee?

The love of coffee is universal. But, not everyone can tolerate it. So what do you do if you love coffee, but hate how it makes you feel?

I recently worked with a patient that had a long history of cravings for coffee. She came in for a session, and this is what she said two weeks later.....

'I had a session with Kara Sorensen regarding my cravings for coffee. I have craved coffee for over twenty years and for a period of time I drank it every day. However, I got headaches in the middle of the night and even though coffee took away the headache the next morning, it was uncomfortable to wake up with a headache. For that reason, I stopped drinking coffee several years ago, but the craving never ceased. I wanted coffee every day of my life.

Kara assisted me regarding this craving. At the end of an hour, I was clear of the conflict and realized this went way back to my religious upbringing. Now, I'm able to drink coffee or leave it, as the emotional charge is gone. I feel so relieved!

San Francisco, CA

If you have a love / hate relationship with coffee, and would like to change that, please contact me. I can help you!

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