Monday, December 29, 2008

What if my Food Cravings are REALLY strong?

My Food Cravings are really strong, can you help with this?

Before booking a Food Craving session with a patient, I ask them specific questions. I want to make sure their cravings are strong enough to benefit from my technique. I ask them to rate the intensity of their Food Cravings on a scale of 1-10, (1 being, 'it's not a problem' and 10 being, 'they're really intense'). If someone replies 8, 9 or 10, my reply is often GOOD! It's not good that they have a craving, but good, because I know I can help them! I know that relief is right around the corner for them, and that's exciting. If the cravings are not very strong, I may suggest acupuncture, dietary changes and/or a supplement to help them find relief.

Strong Craving=Better Results with Treatment?

What? You read that correctly, the stronger and more specific the craving, the better the results are with my technique. At least that's what I've found in my practice. The worse the symptom, the more effective the treatment? How often do you hear that?

The Solution to Food Cravings

How would it feel to bring that Food Craving from 9 or 10 to a 1 or 2? It happens all the time. If you are someone that has strong Food Cravings, and you'd like to leave them behind, I invite you to email me for more information. If you are a health practitioner, and you'd like more information for your patients, I'd like to hear from you as well.


Gerald S. said...

Interesting post. I've had food cravings, but never thought about rating them. Chocolate is usually the one thing I crave the most. Usually, I give in to the craving and then give up something else to offset the calorie impact of the craving. Is that the wrong approach?

The Food Craving Solution said...

Hi Gerald, Thanks for your comment! I think your approach sounds great. If you're able to make those kinds of choices, and can fully enjoy the chocolate, then you are on track. It sounds like you're in charge of your eating. Yeah!

Tranquil Places said...

Do you think people who crave chocolate are experiencing a physiological or psychological response?

The Food Craving Solution said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your excellent question! Before I used the technique I currently use to treat food cravings, I would encourage dietary changes to help with chocolate cravings, like increasing magnesium, etc.

Now, I find that when someone identifies the 'root cause' of their chocolate cravings during a session, the cravings just go away. I've noticed that the physiological and psychological seem to be rolled into one. And truly, for my treatments, it doesn't matter which one is fueling the cravings.

When the person goes through the session, the cause of the craving is identified and resolved. Sometimes, there will be memories or insights, and these lead to being free of the craving.

I hope this makes sense. It is hard to explain unless you have experienced it, but is a wonderful thing to facilitate.