Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are You Surrounded By Holiday Treats?

We're in the midst of the ongoing 'Holiday Food Fest.' I hope you are enjoying the season! How are you doing with parties and food so far? Are you surrounded by treats at work and/or at home? Do you walk past the bowl full of goodies, or do you grab just one and enjoy it? Or, do you grab more than you'd like and regret it later?

If it's the latter you experience, please know that you could be enjoying the holidays more than you are presently. When YOU are in control of your eating, you can enjoy treats because you are in charge. You can also choose to skip the treats. When you're in charge, it's your choice.

But, what if choice is replaced by a habit that doesn't serve you anymore? That's where I can help if you're looking for solutions. I can help you change your habits quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the holidays, and the foods of the season (or not) without stress. It doesn't take willpower, or require a change in your diet, those follow naturally. It can happen effortlessly by following a few simple steps, that help unwind unwanted habits that no longer serve you.

The Holidays are a time of JOY as well as stress. Why not tip the balance towards more JOY and less stress around food this season? Give yourself the gift of choice that lasts and lasts. A food craving session can help put you in charge of your eating, and the benefits are enduring for seasons to come. Happy Holidays!


Tranquil Places said...

Its true that food/treats for the holidays can overwhelm you. You want to eat a treat now and then, but don't want the guilt associated with it. Offering food craving solutions can help so many people addicted to food...especially sugar.

Kara Sorensen, MS, LAc said...

Thanks for your comment Anne. It can be a bit overwhelming this time of year for a lot of people.

It truly brings me great much joy when a client let's go of their sugar 'addiction.' Then, they can eat some holiday treats, without guilt and without overeating. To me, that is the best gift of all!